Natural Mineral Water

Avant Natural 
Mineral Water

Avant values the purity of our environment and contributing to healthier lifestyle for all. Avant is eco-friendly, packaged in 100% recycled bottles. This means no new plastic is being produced to harm the environment.
Our water is bottled at source and contains the purest possible natural miner water.
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Water Purity

Avant’s hi-tech facility removes the need for human contact or additional processes that could ruin its natural form. The natural environment of the water source is fully protected with no buildings or facilities that can cause water pollution. Our water is low in sodium and has a ph level of 7.96.

Along with other essential trace minerals Avant has a balanced composition needed to contribute to a healthy active lifestyle and with proper hydration improve one’s concentration and cognition.

We are not responsible if something goes wrong


One of the most distinguishing factors from other waters is that Avant can bottle water securely without ozonisation by means of its advanced technology. The risk of any contamination emerging at the three stages in a classic bottling plant have been removed:

Avant 200ml

Avant 200ml SP

Avant 330ml

Avant 500ml

Avant 500ml SP

Avant 1.5L

Avant 5L


Special pipelines protect the water against air and all external influences


Water tanks are not used at our bottling plant which avoids any sediment-based contamination.


Preform inflation, filling and capping are done in the same cabin. In this way water and preforms have no contact with ambient air and therefore the contamination of water is prevented.

Eco- Friendly

Avant has recognised that to protect the purity of our drinking water we must do our part to protect the environment.

Avant’s bottles are 100% recyclable and unlike other competitors that continually produce new plastic for others to recycle, Avant only uses exiting plastic that has been ground back down into chips to reform our bottles.

Avant believes in true sustainability and continually urges competitors and retail chains to limit the production of new plastics and produce from recycled plastics.

We are not responsible if something goes wrong
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