Navson’s Commitment

“Navson is an international brand-driven company, operating in a number of sectors. Our vision is to innovate and succeed offering indispensable differences, whilst deliver products of the highest quality that meet changing and challenging customer needs. Our brand portfolio targets key growth categories, whilst investment in product development, branding and marketing ensures we continue to increase market share. Attention to detail combined with a strong focus on quality and service is the key to our ongoing success.”

Navson’s Story

2002: Navson Ltd started life as a UK distributor for Grouppe Danone.
2005: The very first bottle of Saka Natural Mineral Water splashed into the UK market.
2007: Saka’s product portfolio was extended with the introduction of retail friendly packs.
2008: élan was launched in a premium glass bottle format.
2009: The 100% pure NFC fruit juice, Peela, was introduced.
2010: Saka added a 5-litre bottle to its growing range.
2012: To celebrate its 10th birthday, Navson rebranded, changing it’s
logo and improving the look of it’s brands.
2012: The introduction of Saka Kids brought a fun way to stay
hydrated with a bottle specifically designed for lunch boxes.
2013: élan expanded it’s range, launching a PET version in 500ml and 1.5L variants.
2013: Peela was given a brand makeover, establishing a fresh look.
2014: The creation of Pasta Delfini diversified Navson’s range into new categories.
2014: Swift broadened Navson’s portfolio, advancing the company into the catering disposables sector.

A Sustainable Business For All

“Navson is passionate about creating a sustainable business, making sure we are trusted and respected by our communities. In doing so our focus is on our environment, the support of charities, and ensuring that Navson is a great place to work. We continue to maintain strong alliances with a select range of events as well as affiliations with a number of charitable organisations. Product development is also ever present, with a new super light-weight Saka bottle created, which is 100% recyclable and easy on the environment. You can be assured that quality is at the heart of every product we produce. Navson specialises in sourcing ingredients from around the world, whilst also supporting local distributors. Our manufacturing and distribution strength means that we can produce high quality products, delivering value for our customers. The strength in our distribution and key element management, enables us to react to the needs and challenges of our customers in real time, differentiating Navson from its competition.

Navson Careers

If you have a passion for excellence and a real desire to succeed, contact us about the opportunities we have within the Navson family.